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I admire ...
Wednesday, 6 February 2013 | 16:00 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum..bounjour ..mesti terpikirkn aq admire kat sape kn?? hahaha meh usha sape aq admire nie.

nie orgnye....

ha'' kan..ni la org nye NAJWA LATIF..cikgu bi ade suruh wat essay pasal IDOLA
kite..so terpaksa la wat..tp aq nk type kt sini jgn gelak tau even byk slah grammar n mesti ayat tunggang -langgang ..okeng?? okey good..jom tgk..

  A person I admire very much is a singer. Her name is Imratul Najwa B.t Abdul Latif. Her nickname is Najwa Latif. She lives in Batu Pahat, near Johor. She was ex-student at SMK(P) TEMENGGONG IBRAHIM BATU PAHAT, JOHOR. 
  Najwa Latif is eighteen years old, which it same with my brother. She born on 23rd May 1995. Her voice is very nice, that makes she have many fans include me. She not a free hair people, she's wearing a "hijab"that's makes me admire her. She has a sweet smile.

  She is a friendly person. She also a newborn singer, so her achievement not really to be proud but, she is the youngest artist to be youtube sensation among the rest youtube artist. Many people know her from the children until the elderly recognize her.

  Najwa Latif likes playing guitar. At anywhere she will takes her guitar together with her. At the same time, when she is singing, she will playing her guitar. She also enjoys chatting with her fans. These some her hitz song that i know, "Cinta Muka Buku" this song was her first song. This song also makes her popular. Then, "Sahabat, Carta Hati, Kosong, Untuk Dia" and her new song is "Adamu". I really loves all her song.

  When I grow up, I hope I will be like Najwa Latif. She also inspired me to play a guitar. I also hope someday, I can play all Najwa Latif songs and meet her.